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We are people who buy houses. Find out why!

Learn why we buy houses in Memphis. We are a completely transparent house buying company.

First, We Understand There are Many Reasons You May Want to Sell

Here are some of the situations we routinely help clients with in Memphis.

  • Inherited a House
  • Tenant Trouble
  • Mooching Relatives
  • Too Many Repairs
  • Facing Foreclosure
  • Bought Another House
  • Need Cash For Something
  • Never Wanted to Landlord
  • Downsizing
  • Don’t Want to use a Realtor
  • Fire Damage
  • Divorce
  • Military/Job Transfer
  • Code Violations
  • Just Don’t Need the House

Our Founder's Story

My name is Bryan Powers and I created NewPath Homebuyers after being helped out of a situation myself where I could not sell my house years ago.  I had moved to a new city and my old house wouldn’t sell.  I could not buy a house until the other was sold.  We kept dropping to price to move it quickly and we still couldn’t sell it.  I got a letter from a company who said they would buy it in 21 days with cash with no fees or commissions, no repairs needed, no closings costs.  They made me a fair offer.  I quickly did the math and realized that after I subtracted what I needed in repairs, commissions, closing costs and concessions to a traditional buyer, plus the time on market and uncertainty of it even closing, I was in much better hands selling to the experts with a greater certainty of closing.  They did what they said and eliminated my stress. 

Here is what my house sale looked like if I sold it through a realtor vs selling it to an investor/cash buyer:

Est, check after closing listed with a Realtor: 

                $131,050 in 90+ days maybe              
Realtor Fees (6%):              $9,300                                                   
Seller Repairs (3%):            $4,650 
Seller Concessions (3%):   $4,650                            
Home Warranty:                  $500 
Cost of Mortgage for additional 90 days  
                    of holding:       $3300 
Closing Costs (1%):            $1,550 
TOTAL cost to close:      $23,950 (15.45% of purchase price) 
based on listing price of $155,000


Selling To A Cash Buyer 

Sale Price: $129,000 

Check after Fees: $129,000

minus prorated taxes

in 21 days for certain!


We are People Who Buy Houses in the Memphis Area

The main reason we buy homes in Memphis is so that you can remove yourself from the situation you find yourself in. We’re here to help you sell your house fast so that you can move on!

We understand what it’s like to face a situation that drains your energy. We’ve had rental houses ourselves that caused endless frustration and stress. We were more than happy to sell those houses to other investors just so that we could get our lives back and focus our energy on more positive things.

We buy houses so that you have an option to quickly sell a house and receive cash. This may open possibilities for you that you can get excited about. We want to be able to make you a no-obligation cash offer so that you have an out.

Many people think that you have to be facing a dire situation in order to sell a house to cash home buyer. This simply isn’t true.

We’ve bought the majority of houses from people that just didn’t want to deal with the hassle of selling their house the conventional way. The conventional way of selling your house yourself ‘For Sale By Owner’ or through a real estate agent isn’t a good fit for people with houses needing repairs. It’s also not a good fit for people that don’t like the idea of having to show their homes to dozens or even hundreds of strangers, accept offers with contingencies, and hope it all closes and works out.

People want a ‘for sure thing’. They want to know their house is sold and to be absolutely certain they can be free of their situation. We provide all of those things when we agree to buy your house.

What to expect:  
Step 1- Inspect your Property: A member of our customer service team will set up an inspection where our project manger will come out to assess your home for repairs that we will make on it if it qualifies.   

Step 2 Make you an Offer: – Our Customer Service Manager will take all of the info and make you an offer on your property based on our finding 

Step 3 - Close on you Property: Once your house is under contract, our Transaction Coordinator will hold your hand through the process of Closing on your property, from funding the escrow to connecting you to our title company.    

Step 4 – Take your Check $: Once we clear title and fix up the documents, it’s time to exchange signatures and pick up your check.   

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